Do something

I put my two weeks in. I have been thinking about doing it for sometime now. I will spare you with all of the back story but long story short. I work part-time while my husband is a full time business school graduate student. Whew. It has been a lot to balance but I have done it…well until the 17th of February. So its official. I am a stay at home mom…actually I really don’t like that because we are rarely home. Truth is that currently isn’t on my mind. I am sitting at my desk looking out my window at a high school tour. My co-worker who is an ultra-cool hippie cowboy chuckles and makes a comment about how high school wasn’t nice on everybody. I laugh and ask myself was high school nice to anybody?? I find myself looking back at that time with not so much regrets because I really don’t like that word but insight. I look back at my 20’s and they make sense…I was finding myself. I got married and with my husband we were figuring it out. I am one year into my 30’s and now is my time. I somewhat spontaneously quit my job. I don’t think I can give myself that much credit. I was exhausted when I did it. I didn’t document it on social media and have some mariachi band walk in behind me while I marched into my bosses office and quit. We had been at a wedding in Dallas a few days before, then had family intown to celebrate my sweet girls 1 year of life. So clearly Monday morning I woke up feeling like I weighed a 1000 pounds, took my husband to class watched my sweet girl then went to work from 2 – 5pm and when my boss had emailed the week before asking to see me to discuss a recent cancelation by a large client I walked into his office…no resignation letter or thoughts prepared and simply said I am exhausted. I am putting my two weeks in. I guess you could say I did something. I quit and boy does it feel good.


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