I typed in adios as my title quickly and with an exclamation mark…right after I stared at it wondering if I really was that excited that today is my last day of work. Bittersweet. Although, I excited, I am also nervous. I think about the last time that I left a job. It is incredible how those same feelings are back but the main difference is now I am a mom. I am not sure when the next time I will actually work will be. Right now I am feeling content though. It feels right and I feel happy.

  • What I will miss most? I think just simply coming into the office. The basic practice of waking up and having to be somewhere.
  • What you won’t miss? I won’t miss my ideas and thoughts being ignored or thought as negative. I won’t miss having a “boss” who likes to make it clear he is the boss. I won’t miss having to laugh at said boss’s dumb jokes.
  • Favorite memory at TSM? Walking around on campus and hanging with my coworkers.

I don’t say this often enough. I am proud of myself. My hopes for myself is that I will slow down and take time to give myself some self-care. Here’s to the next chapter and many more.


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